Originally, the advantage of the wah effect was that the frequency of amplification could be varied by the movement of the pedal, creating an effect similar to that of a human voice. The "half stop" technique has been used by various guitarists throughout the history of rock guitar to find the frequencies that sound most comfortable and then leave them almost motionless.

The Indigo Note FIXED WAH is not a moving pedal, but rather a knob that is used in the form of a standard effects pedal, making it easier and more precise to obtain the sound of a fixed wah. The frequency at which a melody sounds most comfortable = the sweet spot, of course, varies from one type of guitar to another, and also depends on the music being played. Indigo Note FIXED WAH encourages the performer to express the emotions he or she wants to express.


Based on years of experience supporting Takahiro Matsumoto live tours, Indogo Note's effects pedals are equipped with the minimum number of controls and input/output terminals necessary for instant sound creation on the spot.
The WAH knob, the core of the controls, allows you to move the center of the frequency to be amplified to the high frequency side by turning it to the left, and to the low frequency side by turning it to the right, using the ★ mark as a reference. Especially between 9 and 12 o'clock, simply moving the knob by 0.1 mm changes the emphasized bandwidth, allowing you to set the desired sound with subtlety and boldness.

The footswitch is free of the click noise that is often associated with true bypass circuits, allowing seamless switching. In addition, to facilitate ON/OFF operation, a stable metal cap is mounted.

The smoothly formed sheet metal housing is painted in a blue metallic finish inspired by the color of Takahiro Matsumoto's favorite car, giving the pedalboard a large presence when placed on the pedalboard.


The Indigo Note FIXED WAH was designed with reference to the circuitry of the legendary JEN Cry Baby wah pedal used by many famous guitarists, and with the aim of extracting only the pure wah circuitry itself. The wah features a wide Q width (width of the amplified frequency) and a smooth peak (sharpness of the amplified frequency), allowing the sweet spot to be found precisely and immediately.

The inductor and pot, which are the key components of the wah circuit, are a combination of the Fasel FL-02R and Jim Dunlop Hot Potz 100K, which were arrived at after many trials and errors.
The chassis is made of steel sheet metal, which was chosen for its denser and more modern sound.






  • 入力端子:1/4 標準フォーン INPUT, OUTPUT
  • 最大入力レベル:0dBu
  • 入力インピーダンス:1MΩ
  • 出力インピーダンス:10KΩ
  • トゥルーバイパス
  • 電源:9V バッテリー (006P) or DC9V センターマイナスアダプタ
    プラグサイズ=穴径 2.1mm 外径 5.5mm
  • 消費電流:10mAh
  • 寸法:79(W)×124(D)×40(H) in mm ※突起含まず
  • 本体重量:600g